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Bank Accounts: 


161257043923 THIAN WIE XIN 


6801103526 THIAN WIE XIN


7060433396 THIAN WIE XIN 

We accept 3 types of payment method

1. Manual payment (Cash deposit/Online Transfer) 

2. Maybank2u 

3. Debit Card/ Credit Card/ Paypal 

Manual Payment: 

After you have done the transaction (By machine bank in/ cash deposit/ online transfer), please upload your receipt attachment under your order ID. 

1. Log in to your account by using your email address.

2. Click "My account" 

3. Click the order ID you want to pay for. (Eg: #1300)

4. Find the Attachment column

5. Click "Choose file" and select the receipt photo 

6. Click "Upload" 

DONE. As easy as pie! 


After you have placed your order, click the Maybank2u Pay button to proceed to the payment steps.

Maybank2u login page will pop up, just login to your maybank2u account and make payment. 

*Make sure your browser allowed pop up windows.